Guide Experience

I've fished for trout all my life. I love the environment they tend to live in and enjoy the techniques used to catch them. I got into fly fishing in 2007 because it seemed so interesting and I always love a good challenge. After 10 years of learning the mechanics of fly fishing and mastering the fishing areas of the White River and Roaring River I decided to try guiding in August 2017. I love teaching and coaching, love talking with people and love fly fishing, so the next natural step was to help others.

I have taken hundreds of clients out and caught thousands of fish and each trip is special and unique. It is so much fun to take new fly fishers out and watch them catch that first trout. I get just as excited as they do.

I also enjoy showing what the beautiful Ozarks are about. The Ozarks stretch clear across the top of Arkansas and the bottom of Missouri. It's a beautiful piece of land with rolling mountains, thick forests, streams, rivers and lakes scattered about. There is something for everyone in this area.

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